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Strong Uruguayan Wine Exports to Russia

Strong Uruguayan Wine Exports to Russia

Prepare new shipments of wine to Russia

Weekly shipments of 800,000 liters

Starting next Monday starts the export of Uruguayan wines in bulk to Russia, on a weekly estimated 800,000 liters. In June, China begin to embark for about 5 million liters.

The goal of the National Wine Institute (Inavi) is placed in the first 9 months of the year in the vicinity of 20 million liters, according to El Pais confirmed the council president, José María Lez Secchi. To put this volume would reach a record high for the sector.

Starting next Monday will begin to fly to Russia some 800,000 liters of Uruguayan wines in bulk and the idea is to keep that weekly, looking to decompress the domestic market at a very good grape harvest.

In parallel, the goal is that as of June, starting with shipments to China where wine consumption began to grow as improved purchasing power of consumers. In this market, Inavi put in the vicinity of 5 million liters.

According to the head of Inavi, the estimated price for these businesses is between $ 0.45 and $ 0.60 per liter. In addition to bulk-wine to China also plan to send bottled wine and four warehouses that supply the market, in both locations is likely to put grape juice, especially since October.

Lez said that in the bulk wine business would be participating wineries and about 25 if all goes well, were involved more than 100 grape growers. Uruguay came in this Harvest over 100 million kilos of grapes, most of which volume is dumped on the market as bulk wine.

From the directory of the National Meat Institute also works to place in bottled wine world and in this case the flagship of the export is the Tannat.

COUNTRY BRAND. Uruguay managed to break into the world with this strain which until recently was only heritage of France and is showing at the international competitions that their companies also produce quality wine.

Inavi president said the sector is expected to increase exports and highlighted the great achievement that meant to launch the brand that identifies the wine country with Uruguay Natural.

The aim is to launch the country as a nation specializing in the production of premium wines and show the world that is the country of Tannat. Since the government is to wine as an ambassador for a bottle shows much of the country’s culture and reach consumers more directly than any other product.

“We believe there is a before and after access to the country brand, put it as one of the most important elements of our wine internationally, which means it is an emblem to open doors. We also burden of responsibility is not only bear the image of wine but of the whole country, “said Lez after signing the agreement with the Ministry of Tourism and Sport, which allowed access to the label with the new brand.

The president remarked Inavi commitment made in the wine sector, where the 2012 is the year that Uruguay will begin to look at the world as an exporting country and assured that the entire production chain is going to benefit from this project.

Beyond this achievement, Inavi points to designate several agreements with various agencies that make it possible to enhance the quality of products produced by local companies.

Author: Pablo Antunez “El País”