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2013 Wine Routes

2013 Wine Routes

The “Asociación para el Desarrollo del Turismo y la Cultura” (ACTE), based Strasbourg, prepares a list of museums and wine tours in the world, which form part of the bid to the Wine Culture Heritage, which presented in early 2013 in the Unesco.

This is one of the issues discussed at the meeting that the ACTE has held the past 28 and 29 in Ukraine, under the chairmanship of Rioja Santiago Vivanco, who heads the Museum of Wine Culture Vivanco Dynasty, located in Briones (La Rioja).

The application will be officially launched on September 15 at the Museum of La Rioja, with the assistance of the highest authorities in the cultural and tourist Unesco, the Governments of Spain and La Rioja and ACTE stressed Vivanco in a interview with Efe.

During the meeting in Ukraine, representatives of the ACTE also finalized details of the future website of this association, which will collect and disseminate the museums and wine routes existing in the European Union (EU) in other European countries, in America and Asia.

The purpose is to get the ACTE is to gather as much information as possible about wine culture and resources worldwide, and that although the bid proposal has come from Europe, the wine culture spreads worldwide he said. To do so, has reported that it has initiated meetings with ambassadors from different countries to gather as much information as possible from the museums and incorporate it into the application.

The ACTE also hold another meeting this year in Paris with heads of Unesco to present the website prepared by the Association and the network of museums, wine routes collected.

He stated that, unlike other countries, Spain has the advantage of having a wine museum association, which groups 32, although it is estimated that there may be 70. Although there is no European census of wine museums, Vivanco explained that in Europe is estimated that there are about 200 and a half thousand worldwide, but has stressed that until the bid is submitted, will not be known with greater accuracy .

He recalled that ACTE is a partnership created three years ago under the European Commission, developing the culture of wine as a generator of wealth and tourism regions.

Source: Reuters